Fairfield trustees approve $110K to chip and seal 9.4 miles of road

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP – The township unanimously approved a payment of $110,313 to Russell Standard Corp for emulsion for the chip and seal program on Thursday.

The amount covers 9.4 miles of township roads and is less a $19,626 grant from the county engineers office. Road Supervisor Mel Miller said he was satisfied with the results along with the reclaiming program.

Miller said township residents will see a lot of road improvements from the past few weeks.

Miller also advised trustees that three pieces of used township equipment sold for a total of $9,407 during the Rogers municipal equipment sale on Wednesday.

The backhoe sold for $4,900, the 1990 GMC truck sold for $4,750 and the pickup sold for $850 and after the commission was deducted the township made $9,407.

“I thought everything went real well,” Miller said, adding he was happy with the price they received for the 1990 GMC, noting they sold a similar vehicle a couple of years ago and didn’t get near as much.

Miller also said there was a lot of activity regarding pipeline being laid, including tree trimming and grading work.

In other business, trustees heard a short presentation by Kevin Graham of Valley Office regarding a Sharp MX 2615 copier. Graham attended the previous meeting and made a detailed presentation.

Trustee Chairman Bob Hum said no decision would be made at Thursday’s meeting and Graham provided information for an outright purchase with a 90-day parts and labor warranty and a maintenance agreement to be considered later.

He said he could cut $524 from the price by eliminating the stapler, but Hum said, “I’m not interested in saving nickels … I want to do this right … and removing the stapler doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Fiscal Officer Pat Hoffmaster said the Leetonia Fire Department sent its quarterly report and Hum said he spoke with New Waterford Mayor Shane Patrone regarding the township’s fire protection contract. He said Patrone was going to speak with his people and get back.

Zoning Officer Kymberly Seabolt advised trustees of one nuisance property with waist-high grass that has been notified by regular mail and registered mail.

The regular mail was not returned, but the registered letter was returned after three attempts at delivery.

She said she would send another registered letter.

In other business, Trustee Barry Miner agreed that the chip and seal program “went real well” but was looking at Crestview Road in 2014.

“We need to find money for Crestview Road …” he said and estimated it would take about $200,000. Miller said it would probably be more based upon past experience.

Miner also asked Miller to contact the pipeline contractor regarding the “Roadwork, one lane” signs and the “Flagman Ahead” signs that were being left up seven days a week and after the day’s work was completed.

He wanted to have them taken down at the end of the day.

He said leaving them up “takes away from the importance of the signs.” lshields@salemnews.net