Flooding concern raised


Staff Writer

Trustee Chairman Cliff Mix said he’ll be checking the status of a catch basin in the Salem Little Quakers Hall parking lot which he said is causing flooding problems at Chestnut Grove Road and South Lincoln Avenue.

South Lincoln Avenue resident John Adams appeared before Perry Township trustees Monday night, asking if the city was ever going to do anything about the water on Chestnut Grove Road at South Lincoln Avenue.

The area is known to cover over with water during heavy rains.

Mix explained that area is actually in the township and that it’s somewhat of a civil matter, noting that Salem Little Quakers was supposed to fix the catch basin. He said the problem is the water comes off of the parking lot and the culvert on Chestnut Grove keeps getting plugged up, causing the water to wash across the road.

He said the problem would be 90 percent better if the Salem Little Quakers catch basin could be kept clean. The parking lot is private property. The building is located in the city, but the parking lot is in Perry Township.

Mix said there was a meeting last year with the railroad and other involved parties where they looked at the problem. He said the culvert under the road is big enough for the area.

He also noted that the township is looking for quotes for dredging work on four retention ponds in the township where the ground was dug out to improve drainage. He said they need to be cleaned out. There are two on Egypt Road and one each on Allen Road and Chestnut Grove Road.

Adams also asked about pending zoning changes dealing with political signs and fencing. Trustees plan to take action on those changes possibly at the Aug. 12 meeting, with a meeting between the Board of Zoning Appeals and the Zoning Board still pending with no date set. A public hearing had already been held.

Prior to the meeting, the trustees held a public hearing for the 2014 tax budget which must be submitted to the Columbiana County Auditor’s Office. No one attended. The trustees accepted the 2014 tax budget, which Fiscal Officer Susan Johnston said shows estimated revenue of $903,200 and estimated expenses of $1,059,000 with an expected carryover for 2013 of $1,133,000. She noted these are just estimates and will be adjusted when they approve appropriations for next year.

According to Johnston, the carryover from 2012 totaled $2,331,000, but she’s expecting less for 2013 and 2014. She’s expecting less revenue and less carryover and Local Government Funds received from the state have been shrinking, too. In 2012, the township received about $70,000 from LGF, but she’s expecting about $56,000 this year and even less next year, estimating $45,000 for 2014.

In other business, the trustees approved an expense of $3,450 for 15 new Self Contained Breathing Apparatus masks and fit tests for each mask for the fire department and $299 for a 36-hour course at the Columbiana County Career & Technical Center for a new firefighter.

Fire Chief Bruce Whitcher also asked about new pagers, but said they could wait on those, with Mix noting they’ll have to look at that expense another time.

He had asked Whitcher if there was grant money for the masks, but Whitcher said they keep filing for grants and getting turned down.

Trustees approved participating with the Frank Gates Service Company in Columbus for a group rating for Bureau of Workers’ Compensation for a cost of $1,347. As part of the group, claims are watched. Johnston said they’re looking at a savings of $5,342 on the premium as part of the group. The township’s premium was listed as $15,265, but as part of the group, it will be reduced to $9,923.

Mix reported the township is receiving $3,548.25 from the municipal auction held at the Rogers Sale. The township submitted some equipment to be sold, including the recently retired fire truck which was replaced with a new truck earlier this year. All of the township’s equipment sold for $3,995, with a charge of $446.75 paid for commission to the auctioneer. The fire truck sold for $3,050.

Trustee meetings next month are scheduled at 6:30 p.m. Aug. 12 and 26.