Green Twp. officials fear ‘hump’ in Route 165 will cause accident

GREENFORD – Township Trustee George Toy said there is a “hump in the road that throws trucks left of center.”

Toy raised the issue at during Tuesday’s regular meeting and Fire Chief Todd Baird said, “I think eventually it’s going to cause a crash.”

They were talking about an hump in the eastbound lane of the newly-repaved state Route 165.

The hump is located right at the 9000 block marker, approximately seventh-tenths of a mile east of U.S. 62 and approximately six-tenths of a mile west of Coy Park on Graham Hill.

It effects eastbound traffic, if the vehicles stay in the lane, and is in a westbound passing zone and could surprise a westbound motorist attempting to pass another vehicle.

Baird said, “It’ll throw you to the left” explaining that it happened to him with an EMS ambulance crew returning from a run.

“That’s when we noticed it,” Baird said, “it almost threw us into the ditch.”

Baird said it effects bigger vehicles and added, “It wasn’t there prior to the repaving.”

Trustee Dave Slagle said, “You can’t see it but you can feel it when you drive over it. I think it was a mess up in the paving.

“The road causes vehicles to head toward the center line. It’s bad enough when it’s dry. When it gets wet or slippery, it’ll be worse … it will exaggerate it.”

Baird is worried about a head-on crash especially in the wintertime.

“I don’t think it’s going to be good,” he said.

Toy said he called the Ohio Department of Transportation (District 11) Wednesday morning and is hopeful someone will come out, look at it and “maybe grind it down.”

He added, “I don’t ever remember it being that significant.”

He was unsure when ODOT would get back to the township.

In other road business during Tuesday’s meeting, trustees agreed to seal Green Valley Drive, Garfield Road from Washingtonville westward, Egypt Road from New Albany to state Route 14 and all of Pleasant Valley Road.

Slagle was unsure when the work will begin noting the township has a call in to CBC Patch Mobile in Salem, the contractor for the work.

The township maintains 21 miles of roads.

In other business, trustees decided to use a data plan by Verizon to program their new sign when it is delivered.

Trustees had discussed using AT&T which said that the Internet provider for the LED sign had to be obtained through a local store.

The sign was supposed to be shipped on July 11 and had not arrived by Tuesday.

Toy said, “I think we’re better off with Verizon.” Slagle agreed and trustees voted 3-0 to to go with Verizon.