Leetonia BOE considers exterior lighting change

LEETONIA – The school board is considering a change in exterior lighting at the K-12 campus that could net significant savings.

Leetonia resident Bob Martin, representing Titan LED, told the board Thursday night that switching the current lights in the parking lot, along the sidewalks and those illuminating the campus exterior at night to LED bulbs could provide savings of 75 percent for the first two areas and 95.4 percent in the latter. Martin said he could not give specific savings estimates because he was not certain of the wattage of the current bulbs.

Martin said the project can be completed at ultimately no out-pocket-money to the district, citing a FirstEnergy program that would cover 50 percent of the costs and then the net savings paying for the initial cost of the project. He said Titan LED offers a five-year lease plan.

The board asked Martin to return with a more concrete plan of savings and determine at what point the district will start to make money from project.

Martin had previously met with schools Superintendent Rob Mehno, Treasurer Jennifer Coldsnow and boar member John Rydarowicz to evaluate the current lights and discuss the possibility of switching to LED. Although he did not have exact wattage figures, he estimated that the 58 pole lights in the parking lot are using 860 watts each, which can be replaced by bulbs that comparatively use 159 watts; and the 17 illuminating lights are using 1,300 watts each, which can be replaced by a bulb that uses 60 watts. He did not have an estimated wattage use for the 22 sidewalk lights.

Martin also noted that Titan LED can address lighting issues inside the school campus, including the gymnasiums and classrooms, explaining that the current lights do have a resale value at this time, but will eventually become obsolete.