New Waterford can’t get AT&T to fix phones


Staff Writer

NEW WATERFORD – Two phones for official village business were shut off a week ago and Fiscal Officer Dave Slagle is upset by the lack of response from the service provider, AT&T.

“It started last Friday,” Slagle said Wednesday, “by mistake.”

He explained the phone lines for the water and sewer department and street department have been down and it has been disruptive.

AT&T was contacted through its website for comment on this story on Wednesday but has not responded.

Slagle said he was given the run-around between the repair and customer service departments and had spent a total of 2.5 hours on the phone since Friday with no results.

“No one wants to handle it,” he said, explaining the utilities department needs lines open to receive shipments.

“We can’t get the phones turned on because they shut it off … the guys in the field

know what to do, it’s the office people who are incompetent,” Slagle said.

“They don’t know what’s going on,” he said.

“We were told Monday it was going to be fixed and it wasn’t.”

Wednesday, after again failing to get results, Slagle said, “It’s a mess.”

At one point he had the right person on the phone and was disconnected “and they didn’t call back … I’m not calling anymore.”

He added, “Once you get a repairman out here they know what’s going on …”