Trustees authorize bidding process

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP – Trustees authorized Michael Fagan of Olsavsky and Jaminet Architects Wednesday to move ahead with the bidding process regarding replacement windows and doors at the government building on Fairfield School Road.

Fagan will draw up plans that will be issued to contractors interested in bidding. Trustees approved plans for heavy-duty commercial, tinted windows. “The intent is to cut the energy loss we see here,” he said.

The entry doors will also be replaced with a “typical storefront system. The windows will be 2 feet, 8 inches tall and tint will allow for the removal of the current blinds.

Fagan said the new windows will be a “night and day difference.” “With limited glass, we find our best results are with 40 to 35-percent tint,” he said.

Fiscal Officer Pat Hoffmaster asked about screens and Fagan said, “I can include that in the bid specifications.” Trustee Chairman Bob Hum said, “I think we want the screens and tinted glass.”

Fagan said the window color can be chosen later and Hum asked township officials if they wanted silver windows and ivory trim. The bid specifications will be for commercial, heavy-duty windows that open (projected) and with a tint.

The job will be advertised on July 16 and July 23 with the bids opened on Aug. 8.

Trustees unanimously approved the resolution for Fagan to move ahead with the bidding procedure and also changed the date of the first August meeting to Aug. 8.

In other business, Kevin Graham of Valley Office advised trustees that he was interested in making a proposal for a new copier after reading it was a point of discussion in a newspaper story. He explained there was a purchase or lease program. Hum said they wanted to buy it and they were looking for a color copier that would collate.

Graham said with an outright purchase, trustees should look at a brand new machine. Graham also suggested a Sharp MX 2165 capable of copying at 26 pages a minute. He also noted Valley Office is a member of the National Joint Powers Alliance, a public service agency that provides solutions in assisting government, educators and non-profit companies. Valley Office provides a 90 day parts and labor warranty. Graham said that after 90 days they would review the purchase and make a maintenance proposal. Hum said they were looking in the $5,500 to $6,000 price range and asked Graham to provide more information.

Also in other business, trustees said they will pay out of their own pockets to host the Columbiana County Township Association dinner in October. Hum said the last time trustees hosted it, it was held at the Dutch Haus in Columbiana and Hoffmaster said it cost $50 or $100 apiece, per trustee. Hum said that was about four-and-a-half to five years ago “and we didn’t want to be owing anybody.”

Trustee Barry Miner said, “I’m kind of like you, Bob, I don’t want to be beholden to anyone.” Hum said, “Why don’t we do it that way and we won’t be beholden to anyone. I just feel better about it that way.” No action was needed.

Also, trustees wanted more time to review the new, one-year fire contract submitted by the New Waterford Fire Department.

Last year, the township paid $29,800 and this year the price was set at $33,505 based on a list of 2012 calls that placed the cost at $23,505.

“We’d like to review it a little more,” Hum said, noting the $33,505 was $10,000 more than the listed cost.

Trustees also passed resolution to purchase $20,106 worth of chip and seal stone after Road Supervisor Mel Miller said he ran into a deal he didn’t want to pass up.

“It was such a good deal,” Hoffmaster said and trustees passed a “then and now” resolution to make the purchase. Miller said the material will probably be used up by the end of next Monday. Hum noted, “With all the oil and gas companies buying it all up, it’s not going to get any cheaper.”