ESC board addresses ‘domino effect’ in local school personnel

LISBON – With the school year quickly approaching, Education Service Center Superintendent Anne Marie Vaugh explained Monday’s personnel laden agenda to the board simply by saying the local schools are “experiencing the domino effect.”

As schools attempt to fill open positions, by taking someone from another school, that creates an opening elsewhere. Assisting schools in filling open positions, expecially in speciality area, the ESC board spent about 30 minutes on Monday hiring employees to fill a variety of positions.

The board approved the hiring of instructional consultant Carol Straub; speech language pathologist Kathy Fife; intervention specialists Sara Hamilton and Robert Viencek, both for the Salem Schools; and Marlayne Tabor, second language teacher. The board also approved three employees to help at Southern Local: Cassandra Nicholas, project more coordinator (a reading program); Ashley Bergman and James Malone, both one-on-one tutors.

Additionally, contracts were awarded to ISS coordinator Ron Berdis; preschool supervisor Judy Hill; instructional consultants Sheri Bobeck, Marie Williams and Alaina Kilpatrick; gifted and talented teacher Maribeth Becker; and intervention specialists Jennifer Bower, Patricia Lytle and Kera Lemasters.

The board also approved Certified Occupational Therapy Assistants Cheryl Smith, Heather Torhan and Crystal Baker; employed Salem Kinder Camp staff members Tammy Briceland, Amy Hochadel, Tracy Springer, Gabby Clark, Antonia Holland and Kathryn Neville; approved Dianna Griswold for up to 15 days to complete summer evaluations; and extended the school year hours for Nancy Brown, a paraeducator at Crestview Local. The board increased Marilyn Wells’ hours from part-time to full-time.

Finally a performance contract was given to Jacklynn Mercer providing professional development at East Liverpool High School for unlocking potential in students with disabilities. The board agreed to provide special services to the American Spirit Academy for the upcoming school year offering contracts to Salvador Bola, Marianne Louk and Lori Tenney intervention specialists; Melissa Derenburger, tutor; Alice Bowersock, guidance counselor; Karen Ullom, technology consultant; Jennifer French, school nurse; and Janet Walker, auxiliary clerk.

Amy Hochadel was approved as a classroom assistant, while Shana DiPiero was given a speech pathologist contract. Marjorie Shivers and Sarah White were appoved as intervention specialists.