Fairfield trustees approve bid for windows for township offices

FAIRFIELD TWP. – After approving the low bid of $69,997 for new windows and doors for the government building early this month, trustees decided on colors during Thursday’s meeting.

Jim Santini Builders of Washingtonville was awarded the job and Michael Fagan of Olsavsky and Jaminet Architects presented trustees with several options and Trustee Chairman Bob Hum said, “I’m thinking discreet” adding he didn’t want colors that stood out.

Even Zoning Officer Kymberly Seabolt, who did not have a vote, agreed with that and trustees unanimously voted for fine texture sandstone windows and doors and frappe for the window tops.

Fagan said the outside surfaces are paintable, pressure washable and repairable.

Trustees also approved a measure to have the installation inspected by a “special inspector” at an undetermined cost.

Fagan said the inspection is required by the state and will be conducted by Professional Services Industries.

Fiscal Officer Pat Hoffmaster asked how much it would cost and Hum suggested it would probably be in the area of $100 to $200 but Fagan said he didn’t know.

After a pre-reconstruction meeting next week, Fagan said work could start in four weeks and the “intent” is to compete the job before the weather gets bad.

In other business, Road Supervisor Mel Miller said the department continues patching roads with hot mix, finished mowing and all the road symbols at the railroad and school crossing were painted by Yankee Clipper on Aug. 16.

Miller said he obtained eight red and four yellow delineator stripes for traffic signs at intersections and Trustee Barry Miner wanted them on stop signs “because they really do stand out.

Miller said there was a new utility pole at the ball field which now has power.

“The project is complete,” he said, adding the monthly road sign inspection was compete, a couple of trees were taken down and one catch basin was set in place.

Miller also expressed concern about the cattails and algae at the township lake and Hum suggested placing some algae eaters in it.

He suggested amurs, noting they will grow to about four feet in a couple of years.

Hum said they will take care of the algae and “they’ll eat the cattails” adding they can be purchased in Franklin Square.

In other business, Miller said the Woodville (pipeline) bore was complete and crews were working on Lower Elkton and Lodge and Creek roads.

Miller said he had one issue and passed it on to the drilling company and it was taken care of right away.

Hum said they are “very courteous … nice people” and Miller said “they’re very responsive.”

Trustee approved two purchase orders, one for $1,500 for catch basins and pipe work and another for $2,000 for pipe for the road department.

Seabolt said one request for a new LED-type sign for the Baptist Church be presented to the zoning board when it meets at 7 p.m. Sept. 3.