Goshen cops get mini cams

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP- The Goshen Police District has purchased new equipment that should help with investigations.

The department purchased six mini body cameras for approximately $47 each for officers to wear during calls, traffic stops and any other interaction with the public. Chief Steve McDaniel and Lt. Rob Wittensoldner will both have their own, while each officer on all shifts will wear the others.

The MUVI micro camcorders, billed as the world’s smallest high resolution cameras, measure 55 millimeters high by 20 millimeters wide by 20 millimeters deep and will be worn on the officers’ lapels.

According to McDaniel, the cameras will operate similar to what a cruiser camera would, recording information that can be used as evidence and assist in investigations. He said the videos can also be used to investigate complaints against an officer, which the chief, the lieutenant and a township trustee will review and handle according to department policy.

“For a little department like us, it’s hard to get expensive in-car cameras without securing a grant,” he said.

The videos will be downloaded onto hard drive and stored per the township’s records retention policy.