Green trustees discuss advertising signs ‘popping up’ across township

GREENFORD – Trustees discussed the advertising “signs popping up” in the township during Tuesday’s meeting.

The signs are temporary and Zoning Officer Bill Pitts said they can be in place at a residence two times a year for 30 days.

Trustee Chairman Mark Stepuk said he had no issue with the farm signs but the others which include out-of-town businesses.

Pitts said he had no problem with season and garage sale signs but questioned their placement on utility poles.

Stepuk said, “They leave them there” and Pitts said “they don’t take them down” and Stepuk said, “I don’t have a problem, but take them down.”

He said residents can have one garage sale a year for four days.

In other zoning business, Pitts is working on getting a mobile home removed from a residence at U.S. 62 and Pine Lake Road.

Pitts was having a problem in identifying who to contact, noting it has no license plate.

“If I could identify it I could have the trailer towed because it’s illegally parked,” Pitts said, adding the problem isn’t ‘the people there, it is the rental company … they won’t come and get it.”

No action was taken and Pitts advised the board that six building permits were issued, two for single-family homes, one for an out building and three for garages.