Nestic: Salem, Perry Twp. must work together

PERRY TWP. – Salem City Councilman Dave Nestic announced Tuesday he’s running for a seat on the Perry Township Board of Trustees this fall.

The 54-year-old city resident still has two years left on his term in the First Ward after being re-elected to a second four-year term in 2011, but said the city’s in good shape now and he would like to strengthen the relationship between the township and the city for the benefit of all.

In a press release, he said there needs to be a strong working relationship between the two entities, noting that many in the city don’t realize they are also township citizens and the two often operate as if they are totally separate.

“In fact there is a symbiotic relationship between the two and the more, and the better they work together, the better it is for everyone in Perry Township,” he wrote.

He said he’s committed to his work on city council to better the community and when he first decided to run for council, his “objective was to establish a means by which the city could efficiently accomplish active economic development efforts.”

He said the city supported efforts to expose the city to developers and become part of regional development efforts by re-establishing the Salem Area Industrial Development Corp and creating the Sustainable Opportunity Development Center.

“We are now poised to reap the benefits of these marketing efforts as developers are taking notice of Salem once again. These efforts will be enhanced with better cooperation between the township and the city for the benefit of all Perry Township citizens inside and outside the city limits,” he wrote in the press release.

When asked about the possibility of his First Ward constituents feeling abandoned since he’s running for Perry Township Trustee in the middle of his term, he said they’re all township residents and he would still be representing them, just from a different seat.

On city council, Nestic chairs the Economic Development Committee and the Committee of the Whole and is a member of the Finance Committee and the Utilities Committee.

In the press release, he said as a member of the Finance Committee “we have managed through some difficult times and maintained services while keeping the taxes in the city low. We are now seeing a strong recovery and have a good team in place to manage going forward. As we enter into a new planning phase for the city, I believe the township should be included in city planning and execution.”

“The best way for that to happen is to have a strong relationship between city and township government,” he wrote. ” I have a very good working relationship with the administration and the city council and I would like to bring that relationship to the township trustee position so the two bodies of government can work together to enrich all the citizens to which they are responsible.”

Nestic said everything is possible.

“You just need people who believe everything is possible,” he said.

Nestic is the founder and president of NezTech Corporation, a Columbus firm started in 1994 which provides technology business development, marketing and commercialization services.

He won’t be alone in seeking the township position. Council President Mickey Cope Weaver, who chose not to seek re-election to council, also filed, along with the two incumbent Perry Township Trustees Don Rudibaugh and Don Kendrick and former Salem mayor and former Perry Township trustee Jerry Wolford.

The deadline to file for non-partisan positions is 4 p.m. today.