New United bleachers ready for game night

HANOVERTON- The United Local stadium will have new visitor bleachers when the football season starts.

The school recently replaced the old bleachers, condemned earlier this year, with a 700-seat aluminum, heavy duty set that includes United blue kick boards, according to schools Superintendent Steve Viscounte. The school also added a 100-seat set of home bleachers for the band and moved the old home band bleachers over to the visitor’s side, with both sets slanted toward the regular bleachers so that the bands are playing toward the fans.

Kreidler Construction Company installed the bleachers for approximately $148,450 for the visitors and $12,039 for the band, Viscounte said. The old visitors seats were sold for $6,000 through bidding. Buehrer Group Architecture and Engineering associates coordinated the project.

“We couldn’t put people in an unsafe situation,” Viscounte said of the project, which utilized permanent improvement funds. “Our previous bleachers were condemned and had to be replaced. It was a definite liability issue.”

Viscounte commended architect Ed Glowaki and Kreidler Construction for facilitating a project that will keep fans safe for an extended period of time, meaning cost effectiveness.

“We decided on a safe, clean structure without a lot of bells and whistles, and used materials that will last,” he said. “I believe we put in something that will last and not need replaced in 10 years.”