New Waterford seeking solicitor

NEW WATERFORD – The village is looking for a new solicitor following the appointment Wednesday of Tad Herold as Columbiana County’s new director of economic development.

Herold also works for Columbiana County Prosecuting Attorney Robert Herron’s office as an assistant prosecutor. He will resign from that position too. “It’s a no brainer,” he said, explaining the prosecutor’s office occasionally receives requests for compatibility opinions and said if the positions came across his desk he would rule a “pretty clear conflict of interest.”

His resignation from the village will be effective Aug. 31. Herold will submit it at the next regularly scheduled council meeting on Sept. 10. He is completing his third year as village solicitor, a position he was appointed to in January 2011, according to Mayor Shane Patrone.

He was hired under a one-year and then a two-year contract. Herold’s replacement will be by appointment of Patrone with council’s ratification. The position pays $6,750 a year. The only requirement is that the candidate must be a licensed attorney practicing in Ohio.

“I’ve talked to one person,” said Patrone who expects interest to increase when word gets out regarding the opening. “If we have difficulty, we’ll advertise,” he said.

Herold said that 10 years ago there might have been some hesitancy about working in the village but “there is a good group all working together there (now). They’re on the right track.”

Patrone said it was a good opportunity for Herold.

“It’s a loss for the village and a gain for the county,” he said. Patrone said Herold reviewed all the old ordinances for the village.

He’s hoping to replace Herold within 30 days. “I feel more comfortable having a solicitor there,” he said, adding he didn’t want the process to drag on.

Herold said he enjoyed working with everyone in the village and joked, “even” the mayor. “It’s really a good group there.”