New Waterford to work on runoff problem from church

NEW WATERFORD – Council said it will try to do something about the ground water runoff onto property below the Abundant Life Church during Tuesday’s meeting.

Councilman Tom Cresanto brought the issue up asking council if there wasn’t “anything” it could do to accommodate the resident.

Cresanto said he stopped at the residence and was “ankle deep” in water.

Mayor Shane Patrone said he had the same problem and had “never seen so much water.”

Cresanto asked Patrone if he had 10 minutes to go out and speak with the resident and Patrone said he would look into it.

Councilwoman Doris Ogle said the church was “one acre under roof” and the water runs down from it.

Council President Bill Mullarkey agreed with Ogle’s assessment while noting that a ditch “won’t help that.”

Administrator Fred Fink said the water runs down to state Route 46.

Patrone said he would speak to the church about “some sort of retention pond.”

He added, “We have to discuss it with them, that would be our first step.”

Ogle said, “Let’s do something about it, rather than talk.”

In other business, Patrone advised council that it is looking into purchasing a small excavator to perform duties the village currently has to pay for.

The purchase was discussed at the last finance committee meeting.

It would be used to dig up water lines and install catch basins, Patrone said.

“We’re hoping it will pay for itself by not having someone come in and paying them.”

The village pays about $12,000 annually for that, Patrone said while noting the cost, about $80,000, is expensive but it will be immediately available, especially on weekends.

He estimated it would take about 10 years to pay for it and it would serve the village for 20 to 30 years.

Fink was getting prices and Patrone said he hoped to have something by the next meeting.

In other business, Fink said the water treatment plant is improving “and starting to balance out” and the filter rehabilitation is going well with the No. 1 filter completed and on line after test samples proved negative.

The No. 2 filter was cleaned, repaired and the material is in place, Fink said, adding the wastewater chlorination system has been producing good readings.

Another project that includes wiring and plumbing for the new wells is ready to be bid on, Fink said, adding a new sign at the treatment plant has been installed.

The electric was installed at the ball field pavilion and charcoal grills have been put in place.

The road department filled and patched “all the potholes that we knew of,” Fink said and that work will continue.

The chip and seal program that included three streets and two parking lots was completed and Ogle said, “They did a good job. I think putting that asphalt base down helped.”

Fink also noted that trees along Boardman Street, Creek and Crestview roads and at the new well site were trimmed.