Nuisance house in Salem Twp. in line for demolition

FRANKLIN SQUARE – Salem Township Trustee Chairman Ray Heddleson said the nuisance house on Golf Club Drive is in line for demolition.

During Wednesday’s meeting Heddleson said he contacted the county board of health and was advised the demolition crew was working its way up from the Welllsvile area.

“They’re supposed to notify me,” he said of when they arrive. He explained they don’t have time to take pictures and wanted him to do it.

Heddleson said they referred to the house as the “snake house … because it’s filled with snakes.”

In other business, work on two Salem Township roads was discussed after Trustee John Wilms noted the berm on Salem-Grange Road, about 500 feet east of state Route 45 needed work.

He said the area needed to be built up.

Trustee Bill Heston said a portion of Winona Road, “the part that Chesapeake takes care of” had lost its berm on the north side.

“The stone’s washed away,” he said and trustees said Chesapeake would be advised.

In other business, Fiscal Officer Cathy Wilms said the Ohio Department of Natural Resources advised the township of Hilcorp Energy’s application for a drill permit for the Grubbs well 3H in the 4900 block of Grafton Road.

John Wilms said, “That’s a good thing. That’s the first double.” The first well was drilled in February. The new well will be drilled on the existing site.

Also, Sindyla Consulting Group asked the township if there were zoning requirements for co-location of antenna and equipment for a wireless relay tower. Cathy Wilms said there is no zoning in the township.

Trustees passed a resolution to continue mowing grass in the park and John Wilms, Heston and Heddleson all commended the road department for the job it does with the mowing.