Police chief warns of area burglaries

GREENFORD – Police Chief Steven McDaniel advised Green Township trustees on Tuesday that it looks like burglaries “are starting up again.”

He added, “Neighbors need to start watching,” noting that reports indicate two males have been working the area including surrounding townships.

“Two males walking around seem to be looking at properties,” he said.

He noted problems on Middletown Road and an incident where a Garfield Road woman confronted them and was told they were checking it out for hunting and she learned later her residence was broken into.

They are taking big screen televisions and jewelry, McDaniel said, “and a lot of times bypassing cash.”

The Green Township division has increased patrol and put detectives on the road for extra coverage. He said reports indicate they use a red or blue colored car.

“If you seen anything that doesn’t look right,” McDaniel said, “call us.”

For July, McDaniel said police responded to 531 events while putting 6,894 miles on the patrol vehicles.

In other business, Fire Chief Todd Baird said the department received a $4,750 EMS grant from the state fire marshal’s office that will be used to purchase equipment.

He said the department received certification to provide continuing education for EMS.

The department is also preparing for the Canfield Fair and once that is over Baird suggested setting up an auction to sell off excess equipment.

Trustee George Toy wondered if it was worth it to hold an auction and Baird said they might be better off at the Rogers Sale and estimated it would take a couple of trailers to haul everything including fire hoses, old radios, light bars and an ambulance cot.

Baird said the hose is in good shape but outdated as far as specifications go.

Trustee Chairman Mark Stepuk said the Rogers Sale might be the way to go.

“It’ll sell (there),” he said.

No action was taken.

Baird also advised trustees that people were leaving small containers of oil at the recycling center and not dumping them into the large oil receptical that is provided.

Stepuk said people also have dumped garbage at the center, pointing out that one bag was traced to Homeworth.

Baird said, “People come in there and dump all kinds of stuff.”

“It’s not a public dumpster,” Stepuk said. Fiscal Officer Randy Chismar added, “There is no requirement that we take oil.”

In other business, Baird said the fire department would hold a Halloween party out “in front” but didn’t want to take responsibility for using the community building.

He also said that no fire department money would be allocated for it.

“We’ll do the stuff, we’ll take charge of it,” Baird said, adding it would be a joint effort between the department and the Ruritans.

Stepuk said it would be something for the Ruritans to discuss at their next meeting.

In other business, Road Superintendent Rick Strabala said Chesapeake Exploration did not raise the guardrail on the section of Egypt Road leading to the Mangus wellsite in Salem Township.

He mentioned it after Stepuk said he received an email from Chesapeake saying it did not need to walk the road use maintenance agreement area with township officials.

Stepuk said, “Even if they used the same guardrail, they said they would put in new posts.”

Strabala said they raised the road, but didn’t raise the guardrail. Trustees were otherwise satisfied with paving job.

Stepuk said he would contact Chesapeake and “tell them we have some issues.”