Columbiana business sold to construction company

COLUMBIANA – A business is leaving town but another is taking its place.

National Heat Exchange President Carroll Joseph said a buyer has been found for the business on Nulf Drive in the city’s industrial park.

The heat exchanger cleaning company’s one-story facility was put on the market three months ago. It covers 24,300 square feet and is located on 2.27 acres.

Joseph said the sale has closed but did not wish to release the purchase price until it is on record at the Columbiana County Courthouse.

He said he is familiar with the company moving into the facility, and that they specialize in the construction of structural steel buildings. He also did not wish to disclose the company’s name at this point.

Meanwhile, National Heat Exchange will likely remain in the city until December.

Joseph said the company is moving to an existing 78,000 square foot facility on Southern Boulevard in Boardman Township.

“We are growing and the building is not large enough to handle the capacity … We are just waiting for the other building to be ready for us,” he said.

The bigger one-story building is undergoing routine improvements for their arrival, he added.

He explained the service-oriented business is adding to their service level and that is why more space is needed. He credited all 38 employees for the expansion, and said the company has only recently hired five more in preparation for the move. Once inside the new building 20 more people will be hired, he said.

The company mostly services power plants by putting polymer coating on their heat exchangers and has now added a condenser cleaning division, he added.

Once in Boardman Township the phone number will remain the same, as well as the hours of operation, which can be found online at

Joseph said the company has been considering the move for more than two years for the sole reason that more space was needed.

According to the website, National Heat Exchange Corporation was founded in 1995 to market a newly patented technology for cleaning the shell-side of heat exchangers and coolers, restoring their peak efficiency to a level previously unattainable with the traditional approaches, such as high pressure washing or a bubble vat process. The new procedure utilizes a fully enclosed self-contained cleaning unit.

The company’s sales coverage reaches 41 states.