Dognapped dog found by owner

Most stories of lost or stolen dogs end badly.

This one is different.

Kathy Smith, whose 2-year-old bichon/maltese mix was stolen from the Lisbon post office lot last week, was reunited with her pet, Sugar Bear, early Tuesday morning.

A story on the dognapping appeared in Monday’s edition. Smith received two calls that night from people who saw a small white dog near the Beaver Creek Candle Co., at County Home Road and state Route 172 in Hanover Township.

The second call at about midnight came from a woman on her way home from work, who said the dog was on the road but ran into the woods, apparently afraid, when she tried to get near. Smith, who lives close by at Guilford Lake, hurried over and the two women searched for a couple hours with no success.

“I think Sugar Bear knew I was out there but was too afraid to come out, maybe because of the other lady,” Smith said.

“I finally told her that it was OK to leave and I went back home for some warmer clothes. I hadn’t really dressed to be out that long,” Smith continued. “When I came back I pulled into the same spot, opened the door and Sugar Bear jumped right into the car.

“I just started crying.”

Sugar Bear was shaken and full of burrs, but otherwise just fine. She is back home with her mother and sister and everything is back to normal.

“She’s going great and the other two are doing good,” said Smith, who was worried about her other two pets’ emotional state during Sugar Bear’s absence.

“I’m just so relieved to get her back.”