Hanover trustees discuss chip, seal repairs for roads

HANOVERTON – Hanover Township trustees on Tuesday discussed the chipping and sealing of multiple roads that have been used by pipeline trucks and need repaired.

Trustee Ferg Wilson said the roads will be fixed relatively soon. The roads being fixed are Trinity Church, Laughlin Mill, Haessly, Speidel and Lisbon-Dungannon.

In other business, the board discussed the installation of four driveway culverts and a pipeline under the roadway involving Lisbon-Dungannon and Laughlin Mill roads. This pipeline will connect to several wells in the area.

Wilson also said he emailed the Bluegrass pipeline company in regards to the proposed pipeline through the area. He asked for a printout of the route the pipeline will take after discovering the proposed line will be going through the township. He said the response was they would send him a printout when all the land Bluegrass needs is obtained.

In other business, Wilson said county EMA director Luke Newbold sent a letter to all the townships in the county asking about their tornado sirens and asked townships to respond with suggestions on how to improve them so the county can be better alerted for tornadoes.

Wilson said he responded the township’s current sirens, located at the Guilford Lake and Hanoverton fire departments, are in low-lying areas and are hard to hear throughout the township, and also suggested improvements on the sirens to be up to today’s standards.

In addition, he suggested the installation of two more sirens in the northwest, near Mountz and McCann roads, and the southeast, near Dungannon, so the alerts can be better heard.

The board also discussed what to do about a complaint about people speeding around a dangerous curve on Haessly Road. Trustees are going to see about getting a suggested 35 mph speed sign for the curve to help alert and deter speeders.

Another matter discussed was fixing the drive in Grove Hill Cemetery. There have been complaints of a high center that makes the undercarriage drag on some vehicles.

The next trustee meeting is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. Sept. 17.