Judge throws out deposition bids related to Jackson trial

LISBON – With the Michael Jackson-related civil trial coming to a close in Los Angeles, so too ended requests by Katherine Jackson for depositions to be taken of Linda and Belinda DiLeo.

The wife and daughter, respectively, of Michael Jackson’s former manager Frank DiLeo, Linda and Belinda had been requested to first allow a laptop and cell phones to be analyzed. Then came a request for depositions to be given by each of them.

At one point, Columbiana County Common Pleas Court Judge Scott Washam had found the two women in contempt of court for failing to turn over the laptop and phones. In July, Washam found the women to be in compliance and dropped the contempt of court order.

Still, there remained a request of a deposition to be taken from each of them. That request was dismissed by Washam this week.

Attorneys for Katherine Jackson were believed to be looking for information regarding who was responsible for Michael Jackson’s death. Although not involved with Jackson for several years, Frank DiLeo reportedly had been working with Jackson again as he prepared for the This Is It tour in 2009, which did not happen due to Jackson’s death. Frank DiLeo died in August 2011, prior to the civil lawsuit being filed.

In Los Angeles, Katherine Jackson and the children of Michael Jackson had filed the lawsuit against entertainment giant AEG Live, claiming the group had some responsibility in Jackson’s death. Coverage of the 21-week trial in Los Angeles notes jurors were given final instructions before beginning deliberations on Monday.