Leetonia Council passes resolution regarding bids

LEETONIA – Council unanimously passed a resolution authorizing Solicitor Walter Newton to draw up legislation to advertise for bids on the village-owned property at 56 Elm St. on Wednesday.

The property is a vacant lot. Administrator Gary Phillips said a neighbor is interested and would bid on it if the city put it up for bid.

Phillips said it was no longer of value to the village. Newton said an ordinance was needed to proceed.

The village has used the property for access to a storm drainage line. “We have another way back to it,” Phillips said, noting the village was mowing and maintaining the property and was liable for it.

Zoning Inspector John Rydarowicz said he received two quotes to take down a house on 303 Columbia St. Newton suggested checking the status of foreclosure on it.

He said there are lien holders. The village has tried going through the administrative procedure.

“Even if we get a lien on it, we’ll never get any money,” he said.

His biggest concern with the house on Columbia St. won’t get any bidders.

Rydarowicz said the house was “a mess.” No taxes had been paid on it for 10 years. The house is across from the Dairy Queen. Apparently the owners of that business have been mowing the grass.

Newton said they need to get a good address for the owners in order to “see what the best approach is for the village.”

Rydarowicz said a house at 34 Pine St. had been bought by Fannie Mae during an auction. If it wasn’t in foreclosure or had liens against it, it was a candidate to be torn down.

Also, a complaint regarding the a house at Chestnut and High streets was addressed with Rydarowicz noting a violation notice was sent. If the problem isn’t cleared up the summons will be sent.

In his administrative report, Phillips said the roller broke down but he was hopeful to have it back in service today.

Fiscal Officer Randy Chismar said the liability insurance renewal with a $3 million limit for the village’s $5.4 million was enough. The annual premium is $26,181.

Council also approved hiring three people to the fire department including Kaitlin Rhoads of Leetonia, Amanda Moore (EMTB) of Lisbon, and David Hardesty (EMTI).