NW council looking for help with wastewater plant repairs

NEW WATERFORD- Village Council will seek funding to complete repairs at the wastewater treatment plant.

Council Tuesday authorized Village Administrator Fred Fink to apply for participation in the Ohio Public Works Commission or any other agency’s emergency grant program to replace the paneling of a clarifier at the plant that separates the solids from the liquids. Cost is estimated at $44,870 for repairs alone, so the grant will be for at least $45,000, according to Jon Vollnogle of Howells and Baird civil engineers. It is possible that the panels damaged equipment at the bottom of the clarifier when they fell, he added.

Currently only one of the plant’s two clarifiers is working due to breakdown of the panels, but the working one was installed at the same time as the broken one and is likely in a similar condition, Vollnogle said. If the current clarifier fails, the plant will no longer be in compliance, with violations on all limits, and will face fines and enforcement actions.

Installed around 1991, the current panels are aluminum, but will be replaced with fiberglass ones which will last significantly longer. However the new panels would take a considerable time to arrive after being ordered, Vollnogle said.

The village took over operation of the plant in the spring after previously hiring a private company to operate it. The issue with the panels was made known at that time.

In other business council purchased a 2013 Caterpillar excavator and attachments from Ohio Cat for $65,513.

Following the council meeting, the Finance Committee met and discussed the village owned building at the corner of Main Street and state Route 46 that was purchased earlier this year in conjunction with a lot that will be used for a park. According to Mayor Shane Patrone a resident has pledged a sizable donation, with assurance of more, if the village turns the building into a historical site instead of selling it.

The committee expressed interest in the project, but Patrone said he wants to find out the costs of keeping the building so that village council will have a better financial picture to make a decision at the next couple meetings.