Salem Twp. trustees unhappy with contractor over Grafton Road work

FRANKLIN SQUARE – Salem Township trustees are unhappy with road work on driveway and mailbox approaches on Grafton Road from the Hilcorp Energy drill site to Lodge Road.

Trustee John Wilms said the contractor “didn’t do a very good job” and asked Road Supervisor Jason Entrikin to contact Hilcorp regarding the issue.

All three trustees agreed something needed to be done.

Trustees also discussed a deep ditch on Salem-Grange Road that Wilms and Trustee Bill Heston agreed was a danger.

Entrikin will check into how much pipe is needed to get drainage water over a hump.

Wilms suggested they might need a catch basin “first” and Entrikin said they cost about $300 now.

Also, in other road issues, Heston complimented the paving job on Winona Road, the location of another oil and gas well.

Heston said they repaired the berms and it “looks very nice.”

Trustee Chairman Ray Heddleson said the nuisance house on Golf Club Drive was torn down.

“It’s seeded and there’s straw over it,” Heddleson said.

“We did our part,” he said.

In other business, Wilms also made a motion to repair the roof and put siding on the pavilion at the park which was passed unanimously.

He also moved that a cold storage addition be built onto the garage which was also approved unanimously.

Fiscal Officer Cathy Wilms said the Ohio Township Association sent information regarding the federal affordable care act regarding new taxes, fees and insurance premiums.

“We are anticipating a five percent increase,” she said, noting it will occur after Jan. 1. She said they also had to advise employees of other requirements by Oct. 1.

Also, in unfinished business, trustees decided an invoice from the Leetonia Fire Department for services would not be forwarded.

The next regular meeting will be held at 4 p.m. Sept. 25. The time was moved up from 7 p.m.

Constable Dan Valentine warned about people trying to scam residents into having their drives paved.

He said one person was driving around in a truck with no equipment “trying to pressure people.” Valentine said, “I don’t want people to fall victim to their scam.”

Also, trustees advised Entrikin they were happy with the canopy he built over the newly acquired fuel storage tanks.