Scout seeks to restore baseketball court

FAIRFIELD TWP. – Trustees are interested in backing an Eagle Scout project by Mitchell Hart but want more information.

Trustee Chairman Bob Hum asked Hart, who proposed restoring the basketball court on a lot on state Route 7 near Signal and Crestview roads, across from the Ace hardware store, for more financial data.

Hart told trustees during Wednesday’s meeting that he plans to install new backboards and nets, benches on each side and fence on three sides with $4,300 he’s raised in the last year.

The area is uneven and grassed over and Hart asked trustees for help in laying an inch to an inch-and-a-half of asphalt over a 38 by 87.5-foot section.

Road Superviser Mel Miller said asphalt cost about $62 a ton and Hart said he was ready to move on the project.

Randy Hart, Mitchell’s father, said the lot was cleared, filled in with dirt and two 20 by 20-foot concrete pads were laid years ago.

“There’s an awful lot of base in there,” Hart said.

Hum said trustees wanted to do “a little homework” noting the board had some money from Ohio Edison from another project that was set aside.

“I’d like to work the numbers up a little,” Hum said.

Mitchell Hart said, “The more presentable it is, the more it will be used.”

Trustee Barry Miner said, “Your efforts are certainly appreciated.”

In other business, Hum said he spoke to New Waterford Mayor Shane Patrone about the contract with the New Waterford Fire Department and expected information by the next trustee meeting.

Hum said discussions we looking at doing an annual or three-year contract.

Also, in other new business, Miller said the road department has continued mowing, trimming brush and putting up new road signs.

He said several berms were fixed after washing out and noted he was called out at 3:30 a.m. Wednesday by the Leetonia Fire Department for a large oak tree that fell across High Street.

It shut down the electric service.

Miller said the tree split and the road crew chipped up the brush and removed the wood. He said it still needed work and called Timberline Tree Service.