SpiriTed returning to area

WINONA- An award-winning musical comedy duo will return to the area for a spirited weekend.

SpiriTed- humorist Jonathan Richard Cring and musician Janet Clazzy-will perform at 7 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Sunday at the Winona United Methodist Church, 32114 Winona Road.

After a one-night performance at the church last year, the duo returns with its “2013 Tour: Finding a Message in a World aTwitter” featuring Cring’s comedic and inspirational stories and Clazzy’s original music on oboe and WX-5 Wind Machine.

According to Clazzy, the performances are a melding of word and music, humor and spirit.

“A whole lot of bang for the buck,” she said.

After traveling the country with Cring the past 17 years on free-will offerings, Clazzy said the upcoming performances are part of a six word tour with an important message- “no one’s better than anyone else.”

“We’re in a season in this country when people have decided to break into sides,” she explained. “I believe with my whole heart that much about what we think is the same…we’ve just chosen to focus on the differences. We want to sew up some of the tears in this country.”

Clazzy said SpiriTed portrays the word of God as a positive message.

“How are you going to attract people to something if (there’s) not salt and light,” she said. “Portray [the word] as a message for the downtrodden is not too appealing. We present it as bringing in the downtrodden but turning them into salt and light. There’s a lot of humor in the shows.”

The message is even more memorable when the listeners are entertained, Clazzy said noted.

“When Jesus came he only told stories (parables in front of large audiences)…he was a story teller,” she said.

The show includes piano and story by Cring and music by Clazzy. The music, described as “clazzy” has a touch of jazz, gospel, pop, folk, rock, Clazzy said. Her WX-5 wind machine has the sounds of 250 instruments, from trombone and flute to harmonica and Spanish guitar.

A free-will offering will be taken and copies of books, CDs and DVDs will be available for purchase. For information call the church at 330-222-1211 or visit www.spirited2013.com.

SpiriTed has won awards from PBS and the motion picture industry. Cring, author of 11 titles, including “Digging for Gold,” “20 Other Reasons to Kiss a Frog,” and “Mr. Kringle’s Tales 26 Stories ‘Til Christmas,” has performed with Andrae Crouch, Johnny Cash, The Rambos and the Grand Ole Opry. He is the recipient of the Best Screenplay Award at the Top Ten Films in America. Clazzy is the founder of the Sumner Pops Orchestra and the first female conductor in the state of Tennessee.