Trustees seek bids for road work at Buckeye Transfer

Trustees will open bids for the state Route 344/Esterly Drive/Cherry Fork roadway improvements at the Buckeye Transfer facility at their next meeting (Sept. 19) and could award the project at the Oct. 3 meeting.

Trustee Barry Miner presented the finalized plan for the 1.5 miles of improvements that were drawn up by the Columbiana County engineer’s office and the board signed off on it during Wednesday’s meeting.

The Buckeye Transfer hub handles trainloads of fracking sand and plans to build a transloading station to transfer oil and condensate from trucks to railroad cars, store pipe and eventually recycle frack water on the site.

Located at the former National Refractories, the 95-acre tract has quick rail access and state Route 11 stands adjacent to it.

Anticipating the increased heavy traffic through the facility, trustees have worked to find money to improve access off state Route 344, Cherry Fork Road and Esterly Drive.

In July, the township received $250,000 for road upgrades to the facility from Jobs Ohio and Ohio Jobs and Commerce..

The legal description for the project will be advertised in local media today and on Sept. 12. Bids can be sent to the township or to Fiscal Officer Pat Hoffmaster.

Miner said the county engineer’s office will handle distribution of the plans so any questions can be answered and Trustee Chairman Bob Hum said the bids will be opened at the Sept. 19 meeting at 7 p.m. which is the deadline for submitting bids.

Hum said they expect to award the project at the Oct. 3 meeting,

Miner said the project should take a about two weeks to complete and Hum noted that by having the county engineer draft the plan it was saving Buckeye Transfer a lot of money.

Miner said, “Yes, we’re fortunate to have a county engineer who helps the townships as much as he does.”

After trustees voted 3-0 to approve the plan, Miner said it will be returned to the county engineer. Miner also said a permit for widening the road was submitted to the Ohio Department of Transportation.

In other business, Road Supervisor Melvin Miller said the red and yellow sign dilineator strips the county gave to the township were placed on stop signs and railroad crossing.

Miller said they were placed at the best high traffic locations. He noted the township maintains 50 stop signs and requested money to buy 20 more of the dilineator strips at $6.95 apiece. He said it would take $368.35 to do all the stop signs and railroad crossings.

Miner said, “I think for the dollar amount and the enhancement” they should make the purchase and and Hoffmaster said they could authorize a purchase order for $500 which was unanimously approved.

Trustee also approved the purchase of eight amur fish to help clear up the algae in the Old School Lake that is used by fire departments. A purchase order for $250 was approved for the purchase from the 5F Fish Farm for algae control.