Two zoning permits issued so far this month

GREENFORD – Zoning Officer Bill Pitts said there were two zoning permits issued for Green Township this month so far, both for single-family homes.

Pitts also said the LED sign that was purchased to advertise community events arrived and was in the township building.

The contractor who is going to do the brick and electrical work on the sign was expected to attend Tuesday’s meeting, Pitts said, but he did not.

The sign will be placed on state Route 165, centered on the gazebo. But Pitts said a tree on the corner needed to be trimmed so motorists on Lisbon-Canfield Road can “see it a little better.”

Pitts said Columbia Gas had been on the site marking the same spot they planned for the sign. “They’re not going to let us put a sign over a gas line,” he said. Trustees said they would check with the company because it might not have anything to do the sign.

Trustee Dave Slagle brought up the road maintenance program for 2014. “We’ve got to pick a project and tell them (the Mahoning County engineer) what we want.”

Trustee George Toy said the township owed it to the residents to plan a project. Trustee Chairman Mark Stepuk said they should at least review the roads and rank them according to the biggest need.

Trustees were unhappy with the way trees were being trimmed by utility companies. Fire Chief Todd Baird said his department has been finishing off areas where branches were left. He suggested sending Mahoning County a bill for their work.

“It might wake somebody up,” he said, adding that the Ohio Revised Code has a provision for townships to bill counties.

Trustees also discussed issues regarding the recycling center. Stepuk said the Mahoning County Green Team budget will be slashed some $630,000 in 2014 to $2.3 million. Seven recycling sites will be closed.

The Green Township site is not included. But there will be program cuts, Stepuk said, explaining the appliance drive will be trimmed back and the tire drive may be dropped entirely.

“We’ll advertise the tire drive with Canfield unless you guys want to do something,” he said to the other board members.

He said people can drop off up eight tires now “But we can definitely back that off,” Stepuk said.

Also, Toy said flu shots will be available on Oct. 11 from 9 a.m. until noon at the community building.