Washingtonville council hears 2 options on bridge repair

WASHINGTONVILLE – After viewing two options on fixing the old Boston St. bridge by W.E. Quicksall & Assoc. Inc. on Monday, Mayor Will Jones said there was one more legal issue to settle before council takes action on it.

Paul D. Logan, the senior engineer for W.E. Quicksall presented a complete replacement repair at a cost of $113,500 with money coming from an 11 percent local share, $49,000 from an Ohio Public Works Commission grant and $51,000 from an OPWC zero-interest loan.

The annual payments will total $1,717 over 30 years and the replacement would have a life expectancy of 75 years, Logan explained.

A second funding option for a complete replacement included an 11 percent share of $12,500 with an OPWC grant of $25,000 and a loan of $75,800 with an annual payback of $2,527 at zero-percent interest over 30 years.

A partial replacement had a project cost of $69,5000 with an 11 percent local share of $7,640 and an OPWC grant of $30,310 and loan of $31,550 with annual payments of $1,052 over 30 years at zero-percent interest.

The second funding option for the partial replacement also has an 11 percent local share of $7,640 with an OPWC grant of $15,460 and loan of $46,000 with annual payments of $1,547 for 30 years at zero-percent interest.

Logan made several points the village should keep in mind before making a decision including considering the remaining life of the existing culvert – which is unknown; the condition of the concrete and depth of the existing abutments is unknown; and the village is taking a risk if a field inspection is not performed before submitting its application to the OPWC.

The deadline for the application is Nov. 1 and if everything proceeds smoothly the village could have the money next July 1 and Logan said the work should take three to four weeks.

“Our recommendation is to go with option one,” Logan said, referring to the complete replacement and the most expensive repair.

“We don’t know how old the existing culvert is,” he said.

The project does not include wing-walls, just a head-wall, Logan said.

The company was looking for authorization from the village to move ahead with the application, but Jones said, “We have one other legal thing we have to do before we can take action,” adding that he would let the company know later in the week.

In other business, Assistant Police Chief Mark Husk turned in his resignation effective Sept. 13 to take a position with the Greenville, S.C., sheriff’s department.

Husk had been with the Washingtonville P.D. for five years and Jones said, “I hate to see you leave” after five years of “outstanding service.”

Husk said it was an opportunity he had to take.

In other police business, council approved the promotion of Officer Bill Beaver to the rank of sergeant.

The village will hold its picnic in the park from 3 to 7 p.m. Saturday at 415 S. County Road. The event includes a bounce house, dunk tank, balloon pop, face painting, a corn hole contest and 50/50 raffle.

Any donations and money raised will go toward restoring the village park.

Hotdogs and beverages will be furnished.