Col-Pump worker to leave hospital today

COLUMBIANA – The Col-Pump employee injured at the foundry on Monday should be released from Pittsburgh Mercy Hospital sometime today, according to a co-owner of the company.

Paul Rance said Tuesday the full-time maintenance employee was at the back of the building near the electric furnaces when the accident happened.

The company is continuing to investigate exactly what happened when the man was injured around 11:30 a.m. “We don’t know … he doesn’t know exactly what happened,” he said.

The man was not in an area where production was under way at the time and the accident didn’t cause the company’s operation to be halted, he added.

Plant Manager Corey Bowker said the company conducted a walk-through and have arrived at different speculations as to what could have occurred, but there are no definite answers at this point.

Rance said the man is in good health and plans to begin working again as soon as possible. He did not release his name.

The man was taken to the Pittsburgh Hospital via medical helicopter from Firestone Park following the Monday accident for what was believed to be serious injuries.

The foundry on East Railroad Street, co-owned by Rance and Thomas Bowker Sr., specializes in gray iron castings.