Fairfield trustee incumbents running unchallenged

FAIRFIELD TOWNSHIP – Two Fairfield Township trustee seats are open and two incumbents, Trustee Chairman Bob Hum and Trustee Barry Miner, are the only two candidates on the Nov. 5 ballot.

Trustees meet twice a month on the first and third Thursdays.

“Fairfield Township has been truly blessed in the past and present with trustees, clerks and fiscal officers who have consistently brought a unique set of skills to the table,”?Hum said “We have not always agreed, but we have been able to work together to move forward and get things done. We have hired good people who gave a fair day’s work for a fair day’s wage. We are fortunate for that. The citizens of Fairfield Township have always been supportive of the aggregation program, the road and fire levies, the board of zoning appeals and the zoning commission, for which again we are fortunate. That is why, in my opinion, Fairfield Township is the envy of other townships and is probably one of the best run townships in the county and a great place to live and raise a family.”

Miner is a former transportation administrator for the Ohio Department of Transportation and retired after 30 years. He is currently the roadway maintenance manager for Consol Energy in a six-county area.

“I have worked in a leadership role my entire career,” Miner said. “My background includes extensive experience in roadway construction, maintenance, repair work, executing work plans, budgets, and mentoring employees to carry out the mission at hand.”

Miner said he has worked with government agencies at the state, county and township levels for over 30 years.

“For the past four years, I have worked tirelessly to ensure that the needs of Fairfield Township residents are addressed and brought to resolution in a timely manner,” he said

Miner secured $288,0916 in roadway upgrade money for Esterly and Cherry Fork roads from three state agencies that will improve access to the Buckeye Transfer Realty oil and gas service hub at the state routes 344 and 11 interchange.

He has also played a major role in executing road use maintenance agreements (RUMAs) with oil and gas drilling companies, “ensuring that the Fairfield Township roadway system is protected and upgraded for the increased demand of the industry.”

Miner pointed out that overhead street lighting at high-volume intersections has been a priority of his.

Regarding his re-election, Miner said he’s demonstrated the ability to work with other township officials “for the common good of the residents” and noted that on “numerous occasions I have brought ideas to the board that are beneficial to all the constituents.”

He attributes his experience in road maintenance and his budgeting experience to his ability “to make decision with a professional and experienced approach, while at the same time keeping in mind that we are operating with taxpayer dollars.”

He said Fairfield Township trustees make financial decision in a “conservative manner” to the benefit of the township as a whole.