New Waterford considers using inserts in sewer lines

NEW WATERFORD – Officials are studying a plan to place inserts into the sewer lines, rather than replace them.

During Tuesday’s meeting, Mayor Shane Patrone said it would be cheaper than replacing the lines but noted half the lines are four inches in diameter. He said current technology can do lines as small as six inches. “Currently we can only do our six to eight-inch lines,” he said.

The lines would be “scoped” out first by camera and will have to be 90 percent round, Patrone said, adding they could also be cleaned out leaving them almost like new. The build up is vacuumed out. The inserts would last about 100 years and the manholes covers would be sealed.

“We might just want to clean the lines and pick out an area – target an area,” he said. “We’re pretty good on breaks. It’s a good idea, it’s something we can do and get an estimate on.”

“The good thing is they can do that with the camera and not interrupt the service,” said Village Administrator Fred Fink.

“If we’re looked at a million to a million-and-a-half (dollars) I’d be happy. We’re going to have some decisions to make ahead of us,” Patrone said.

In his administrator’s report, Fink said the water plant is running “very well” and relief valves on each filter were replaced to improve the backwash procedure. “The sewer plant is doing better,” he said. They are pumping down the clarifier for repairs. Three of the four (sludge) drying beds are ready to be cleaned and hauled away, something Fink wanted to do before winter and the vac machine was used to clean out manholes.

The utilities department also cleaned the channel to the aeration tanks, removed bacteria buildup from the tanks and cleaned the splitter box. The manhole at the plant output was totally plugged. A small opening was made at the bottom to let the water flow. “This area appeared to have never been cleaned,” Fink said.

In other action, the department patched pot holes, cleaned storm drain, trimmed trees and brush along the roads

Patrone said the Dollar General Store still had hopes of a Thanksgiving opening and council members discussed other Dollar General stores planned for the area, including one in Westville in Mahoning County.