Residency of school board member questioned

The residency of a school board member seeking re-election has come into question.

According to court reports published in Saturday’s edition of the Salem News, John Rydarowicz is living in Poland. He confirmed on Monday that he is living outside the district, but will remain in the race for re-election.

Rydarowicz said he will not attend the school board meeting on Thursday and will resign the seat before the November meeting if he is not re-elected. He said he will establish residency in the district if re-elected.

According to Adam Booth, director of the county board of elections, Rydarowicz will remain on the ballot since he was qualified when he submitted his petition. If re-elected, he will be certified by the board of elections, then the school board will have to determine whether he meets qualifications to serve, Booth said.

As of Monday afternoon Rydarowicz had yet to submit a letter of withdrawl from the election, Booth noted.

As for Rydarowicz’ current position on the board, President Kurt Jennings said the board will have to determine his status as a resident and then consult legal counsel as to whether Rydarowicz may remain on the board until the election.

According to the school board’s bylaws, a vacancy is created by non-residence and shall be filled at the next regular board meeting or a special meeting no earlier than 10 days after the vacancy occurs.

Rydarowicz said he will remain in his non-elected position as zoning inspector with the village.