South Range BOE alters bus staffing

BEAVER TOWNSHIP- With the shift to one-route busing and an impending administrative retirement, the South Range school board Monday night altered staffing and compensation in the transportation department.

The board approved a memorandum of understanding with the South Range Classified Employees Association (SRCEA) establishing tiers for compensation and benefit purposes for the drivers, retroactive to Sept. 8.

The memorandum also combines the director of transportation position, currently filled by the retiring Paul Cubick, with that of a full time bus driver position for the 2013-2014 school year effective Oct. 1. The director will be permitted to drive a regularly scheduled bus route and may drive extra trips in the event of an emergency.

The driver tiers include:

Tier 1 Driver-work week based on an average of 25 hours and drivers will receive salary and full-time benefits as per the contract schedule.

Tier 2 Driver-work week based on an average of 25 hours and drivers will be assigned extra trips in preference to Tier 1 and Tier 3 drivers until the additional 185 hours per year or equivalent of 178 driving hours are achieved.

Tier 3-work week based on a four hour work day and drivers will not be eligible for health care benefits. Tier 3 drivers will be on a one-year probationary period and will be given preference for future employment as a Tier 1 or Tier 2 driver in the event of a vacancy.

Tier 2 drivers will be monitored to determine if they are progressing at a rate that will permit the drivers to achieve 925 hours per year to remain full time eligible. Deficient drivers in terms of not achieving the 925 hours per year will be assessed their deficient hourly rate accordingly after the last day of the school year through payroll deduction.

The board hired James Terry to the part-time transportation director position effective Nov. 1 through June 20, 2014, at an annual pro-rated salary of $11,000.

In other personnel matters the board hired Alfred Davison and Joey Phillips as cafeteria student helpers, George McDowell as a part-time tech helper, Katie Butcher as a home instruction tutor, Lisa Allen as apart-time bus aide and Pam Rhodes as a part-time cafeteria aide.

The board also granted supplemental contracts to Jeff Dicesare, middle school vocal director; Robert Vaia, middle school wrestling; and TJ Irons, Debbie Armbrecht, Lori Hvisdak, Tawny Tharp, Katie Butcher, Sherri Shehan, Meagan Frank, Susan Calhoun and Kim Peterson, Camp Fitch chaperones.

The board also rescinded supplemental contract of Dana Veneskey as the middle school vocal director; and approved Kara Noble as an unpaid volunteer medical support personnel and Ed Phillips as the musical director for the 2013-2014 middle school play.

Also at the meeting the board established a athletics playoff and tournament fund for accounting purposes per Ohio High School Athletic Association standards and accepted a donation of $9,000 from the Greenford Library Association toward the updating of computers in the school’s libraries.

The board also granted permission for the softball and baseball teams to travel to Myrtle Beach during spring break to participate in tournaments April 12 through 18. No school transportation will be used.