Car detailing business planned in Columbiana

COLUMBIANA – The city’s planning commission welcomed a new business to town recently.

Shawn Luketic on Tuesday shared his plans with the commission for an automobile detailing business at the garage owned by DRB Properties. The garage is located in a light industrial zoning district on state Route 14 near Four Wheel Drive Hardware.

Building and Zoning Inspector Bob Belding cautioned Luketic about the existing banners on the property, however.

Luketic put banners up advertising the new business, but Belding said the city’s zoning code only allows for four signs per business.

Commission member Ron LaLonde said he didn’t have a problem with the site plan, but warned Luketic to keep the property from “turning into a junk yard.”

Luketic assured him he had no intentions of allowing that to happen, and informed Belding he would do something about the banners.

The commission approved the site plan, and commission member Crystal Siembida Boggs then asked who is responsible for installing stop signs for lights in town.

Belding said the police chief, and told her the planning commission could make a recommendation to Chief Tim Gladis if a sign or signal is needed somewhere.

Boggs said she is “tired of waiting five or ten minutes to cross the street at East Park Avenue.”

Belding said that area near the Elm Street intersection is busy right now because South Main Street is closed for the bridge replacement, but Boggs said she has always had issues with the intersection.

LaLonde said the commission could ask Gladis to perform a traffic study there.

Belding did say the area is heavily congested when school is letting out.

No other business came before the commission.