Center Twp. fire levies on ballot

LISBON – Center Township voters will be asked to vote for two fire levies on the Nov. 5 ballot – one a renewal, the other a new property tax.

The renewal is a 0.2-mill levy that runs for five years and generates $8,200 used to contract with the Lisbon Fire Department for fire protection. This costs the owner of a $100,000 home $5 a year in property taxes.

The other is a new 1.25-mill fire levy, which could also run for five years and generate $61,400 per year. This is the third consecutive election the new fire levy will have been on the ballot, with voters turning down the levy in the November 2012 election and again in the May primary election, although only by three votes.

The money from the proposed levy would be used to pay the township’s share of a new pumper for the Lisbon Fire Department. Center and Elkrun townships contract with Lisbon for fire services, and the townships agreed to help purchase the new pumper. The plan, if they levy passes, is to let the money accumulate for five years until $300,000 is reached to pay for the township’s share of the new truck. After that, levy will be allowed to expire.

The new levy would raises taxes by $38 per year for the owner of a $100,000 home.

The township also has a third fire levy – for 0.5 mills – which is also used to contract with Lisbon for fire services.