Columbiana BOE increases salaries for some administrators

COLUMBIANA – The Columbiana Board of Education increased the salaries of some administrators and lost an athletic coach last week.

Treasurer Lori Posey said head boys track coach Gregory Kibler resigned for personal reasons related to family obligations.

Kibler was given a coaching contract in 2009 and his resignation is retroactive to Oct. 25.

The salaries of building principals Kim Sharshan, David Buzzard and Lance Hostetler were increased to bring them closer to the average salaries of principals in surrounding districts with similar responsibilities, Posey explained.

Sharshan and Hostetler, who are over the elementary and high schools, each received a $4,000 increase and Buzzard received a $3,000 increase.

Hostetler was hired by the district in July of 2012 at a $75,000 a year salary and Buzzard was rehired as principal that same month on a $67,000 annual salary, in addition to receiving retirement benefits. Buzzard had retired from the position in February after three years and was earning a $72,450 a year salary on the former contract.

His current contract expires next year.

Sharshan has been with the district 21 years, spending the first 12 years as a kindergarten teacher, and is currently making $73,000 a year with the increase.

The board also adjusted the salaries of transportation coordinator Kim VanKleeck and custodian/maintenance supervisor Jim Marino.

Marino retired from the position the same time as Buzzard last year and was also later rehired. VanKleeck has been with the district several years and was given a one-year contract last year.

The adjustments are retroactive to Aug. 1 for the administrators and July 1 for Marino and VanKleeck.

Other matters approved included:

– An amended appropriation resolution totaling $11,376,142 and an amended certificate of estimated resources totaling $15,687,008. Posey said the appropriation is the amount the district expects to spend out of all of the funds and the certificate includes the carryover monies in all funds, plus all monies the district expects to bring in this year.

– Paying the parents of five students in lieu of transportation services for the 2013-14 school year.

– Shared contracts for Chris Canale and Brian Pearl, head high school wrestling coach, and Wes Cross and Scott Bryarly, fifth and sixth grade skills development boys basketball.

– Chad Moreschi as assistant golf coach and girls golf coach.

– Setting the tutor/home instruction tutor rate at $25 per hour for the 2013-14 school year.

– An increase in the substitute support staff hourly rate, effective Jan. 1 to $7.95 an hour to match the new minimum wage rate effective that same date.

– A one-year contract with Transit Service for bus maintenance and repair at a cost of $55 per hour for labor.

– A one-year roof maintenance contact with Boak & Sons Inc. for Columbiana High School and South Side Middle School, effective Oct. 2013, at a cost of $3,846, including two maintenance inspections per year.

– A time and materials service agreement with Gardiner Trane Co. for Joshua Dixon Elementary, South Side Middle School and Columbiana High School at a cost of $7,488, including 96 labor hours a year, additional regular hours to be billed at $78 per hour, effective Oct. 1, 2013 through Sept. 30, 2014.

– William Tyler Best as elementary school aide, four hours per day, 186 days per year.

– A contract with the Mahoning County Educational Service Center to provide services to students qualifying under the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation VRP3 Project, compensation not to exceed $2,260 for between Oct. 1, 2013 and Sept. 30, 2014.

– A memorandum of understanding to the current to the current negotiated agreement between the board and Columbiana Education Association regarding the addition of explanatory language to Article III: benefits (biometric screening and health assessment) and update to Appendix B: supplemental (compensation to mentors).

– Employee handbooks for the Nonbargaining Administrative Classified employees and Medical Professional employees.