Das Dutch Haus adds space to grow bakery

SALEM – Known for homemade meals and as a favorite gathering place, the Das Dutch Haus Restaurant in Columbiana, Ohio, is once again expanding.

The popular restaurant opened in 1982 and has undergone multiple expansions over the last three decades to accommodate the growing business.

Originally known for its home-cooked favorites, the bakery has become popular on its own and offers a wide variety of baked goods including homemade pies, breads, cinnamon rolls, donuts, cookies and cakes for all events.

Restaurant Manager Zachary Orville said the additional 450 square feet is “much needed” for the bakery department. It is on the east side of the main building and will provide room for 14 employees.

“We had no place to go but to the parking lot,” Orville said, noting they didn’t take any parking spots away.

He explained the decision to expand was based on the growing demand for decorated occasion cakes and wedding cakes.

Das Dutch Haus wedding cakes serve as spectacular centerpieces and add a memorable touch to all special events.

The cakes have always been baked and decorated on the premises and are backed with many years of decorating expertise and experience, he said.

“People order, come in a pick them up. We are pleased that our expansion will allow us to increase the number of events that we can provide cakes for each and every week,” Orville said.

Over the years the cake business has continued to grow and grow, he said.

“A lot of people don’t know we do wedding cakes,” Orville said, adding most of the business is from March through September.

“The expansion also allows us to increase our holiday dinners which can be picked up the day before Thanksgiving or Christmas for those who would rather not have the inconvenience or stress of preparing dinner,” he said.