Driver positive for drugs in Sept. motorcycle death

WINONA – Drugs may have played a role in a motorcycle accident that took the life of an Adena woman in September.

The Lisbon post of the Ohio State Highway Patrol received the toxicology results of Richard Hall, 28, Kingsport, Tenn., and Kara Molnar, 21, Adena, Ohio. According to the accident report, both Hall and Molnar tested positive for oxycodone while Molnar also tested positive for alcohol. No alcohol was found in Hall’s system.

According to the patrol, Hall was driving southwest on state Route 9 after 3 p.m. Sept. 26 when he missed a curve on a very winding part of the road just south of Whinnery Road.

The motorcycle went off the road and hit two trees. Both Hall and Molnar were thrown from the motorcycle.

Hall was flown to St. Elizabeth’s in Youngstown with serious injuries. Molnar was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to the report issued on Saturday, Hall wanted to speak with Trooper C.T. Jester in regard to the investigation’s progress.

He called to ask to speak to Jester, who is handling the reconstruction investigation, on Oct. 31, but the trooper was unavailable. Jester called back a few days later but only got Hall’s voicemail. Then, Jester successfully reached Hall at 3:45 p.m. Thursday to discuss the accident.

Hall stated he revisited the crash site and memories were returning to him. He remembered, although acknowledging how difficult it was to describe, where he had to swerve.

The report stated that Hall said that a truck went left of center which caused him to go off the road. However, a witness, Kenneth Kreidler of Salem, said that there were no other vehicles around but noted the possibility of deer traveling, the patrol said. No deer were spotted after investigation.

Hall was then questioned about the toxicology reports, and while acknowledging that he was neither under a doctor’s care nor on prescription medication, he denied that he and Molnar used oxycodone before the accident. When asked to clarify by Jester again, the telephone line went dead as Hall apparently hung up, the patrol said.

Further attempts to contact Hall were unsuccessful, the patrol said.

The accident remains under investigation.