EL man jailed in Arizona for meth lab faces Ohio time

LISBON – An East Liverpool man who recently did time in Arizona for drug-related charges will now serve two years in prison in Ohio for possession of chemicals to manufacture methamphetamines.

Michael W. Quinn, 38, Valley Avenue, East Liverpool, pleaded guilty in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court to the charge in June 2011. However, prior to his August 2011 sentencing, he went to Arizona, where he reportedly was charged with a similar crime.

Quinn explained to Judge Scott Washam he developed a serious addiction and received the same charge in Arizona. He said he was doing well in their prison and he was released. At that time, Quinn said his mom was in the hospital and needed him back in Ohio, so as soon as he got out of prison in Arizona he left and returned to her house. Quinn said it only took U.S. Marshals a week to locate him and arrest him again.

“I’ve got a year already in for this,” Quinn said of time he believes he has already served. “Can’t I get time served? I’ve got issues in Arizona still unresolved. My mom needs me at the house. Arizona was a real rough time.”

Quinn’s defense attorney, Kelly Linger, said she believes he has already received credit for 282 days served. Assistant County Prosecutor John Gamble said he believes that to be incorrect and asked for time to recalculate the days.

For now, Quinn was sentenced to two years with his license suspended for five years.

Court documents claim, Quinn on Oct. 19, 2010 had two boxes of pseudoephedrine, a pill cutter, two one-pound jars of drain opener, a gallon can of gasoline, stove and lantern fuel and a box of ice compress packs, all inside a vehicle belonging to his mother, Thelma Quinn.

Another person accused of methamphetamine-related crimes, Heidi Todd, 34, Silliman Street, New Waterford, pleaded guilty on Thursday to illegal assembly or possession of chemicals for the manufacture of drugs, illegal manufacturing of drugs, two counts of possession of drugs with a specification and an endangering children charge.

Assistant County Prosecutor Ryan Weikart said he will be asking for a six-year prison sentence on Jan. 17, when Todd is scheduled to return to court for sentencing. Her husband, Daniel Todd was sentenced to five years in prison in October for similar charges involving the same meth lab found in their New Waterford home.