Green trustees OK fire purchase

GREENFORD – Township trustees Tuesday night approved the purchase of $1,860 in Knox-Box rapid entry systems for the fire department.

Fire Chief Todd Baird also said the department is looking to file its EMS runs electronically. He said all the private companies have done it by computer for a year, but volunteer departments were given an exemption.

By going to a paperless system they could be sent to St. Joseph Hospital directly and save a trip of having to physically deliver them, he said.

“We need to talk as a group as far as the options,” he said, “I just got the pricing today and am not ready to move on it.”

Baird said the department responded to 14 storm calls, 12 on Sunday night and two the next day.

A new LED light bar, grill lights and emergency lights will be installed on unit #216 for $4,200, Baird said.

In other business, Police Chief Steve McDaniel said October had 442 events and the cruisers traveled 6,490 miles with one hitting a deer that caused $1,100 in damage.

He cautioned motorists to be on the look out for deer in the rutting season while noting the fields have been cleared and there is plenty of room for them to run.

“The car-deer accidents are starting to hit up now,” he said.

Road Superintendent Rick Strabala said the ditch along Egypt Road (south of state Route 14) was fixed and Trustee Chairman Mark Stepuk asked for an estimate on hours for the work and the fuel used so an invoice can be submitted.

Chesapeake Exploration has a road use maintenance agreement (RUMA) on that section of road for the Mangus wellsite and is responsible for it.

Strabala said there were no issues with equipment going into the winter months in reply to a question from Stepuk who also asked that the pavilion roofs in Coy Park be checked for wind damage from Sunday’s storm.

Recycling Coordinator Janet Schaffer asked trustees if they wanted to participate in collecting Christmas trees again this year, noting the Mahoning County area received 112,300 trees in 2012.

There is also a clothing and shoe collection program to help the Ohio Special Olympics that Schaffer advised trustees on.

There is a choice of 41″ by 41″ by six-foot high or a five-by-five foot, six-foot high collection boxes.

Trustees agreed and Stepuk said the township’s funding from the recycling district was cut to $5,310 for 2012, a 41 percent reduction from 2013.

In his report, Zoning Officer Bill Pitts asked for a letter from trustees to the Mahoning County prosecutor to proceed with action against the owner of a property in the 9000 block of Columbiana-Canfield Road.

Pitts explained the person applied for a conditional use permit “but it was not to his liking so he went ahead and did what he wanted.”

Pitts said the building was erected without a building or zoning permit and he placed a stop work order on it on Oct. 19, the same day Mahoning County did.

Trustee George Toy moved that the township send a letter to the prosecutor’s office advising it the property owner did not follow the rules and regulations.

Pitts said there is an appeal process and the hearing would be held in Reynoldsburg.

Also, Trustee Dave Slagle wanted something done with the overhead wiring at Coy Park.

“I’d like to get a price on that and get it buried,” he said and Strabala will obtain quotes.

Also, Pitts said anyone interested in serving on zoning or appeals board can contact the township at 330-533-4841.