Income tax receipts, refunds both up

City Treasurer Bob Tullis reported income tax receipts through October are 6.61 percent over last year’s total through the same time period, but said the amount for refunds owed to taxpayers is also up.

“This year we’ve had some unusually large ones,” he said.

Tullis mentioned the refunds during his report to city council this past week. After noting the large increase for the income tax receipts, which now stand at more than $3.9 million for the year, he said people may not realize that there’s also money going out.

He explained that it’s money people have already paid, but sometimes taxpayers earn a refund, just like at the state or federal level.

Normally the income tax office budgets from $55,000 to $65,000 per year for refunds. This year he said they’re asking for $90,000 for the refunds.

He just wanted to make council aware.

In other business at the council meeting, city Service/Safety Director Ken Kenst said the recent paper leaf bag giveaway was successful, with 75 percent of the 60,000 bags distributed. During the last distribution. volunteers at city hall gave out more than 13,000 bags in one day.

Kenst said they’ll probably have another distribution and announce the date.

He thanked all the volunteers who helped with program, including the Key Club at Salem High School and their advisor, the Butech green team volunteers, the staff at CCH Environmental, council clerk Debbie Bricker, city hall maintenance worker Phyllis McKinley and council President Mickey Cope Weaver.

He also announced that the bags can be out at least 30 days in the wet weather without falling apart, so residents don’t have to worry about the bags being out in the elements for an extended time before being picked up by city crews.

He thanked CCH Environmental for providing the bags for the distribution. Walmart also donated to the project.