Lisbon shooter dead

ALLIANCE – The Lisbon man who shot himself in the head after reportedly shooting his ex-wife to death outside her Burt Avenue home on Sunday has also died from his injuries.

Police Lt. John Jenkins confirmed that 31-year-old Lee Toalston was declared brain dead on Monday at Akron City Hospital, where he was taken following the shooting that took the life of Holly Toalston, 28.

Jenkins said Lee Toalston’s body was apparently kept on life support afterwards while various body organs were harvested.

Police believe Lee Toalston shot his ex-wife in the driveway of her home, wrapped her body in a sheet and then carried the body to a parking lot and laid her next to a Dumpster, where he fired several more shots into her.

Lee Toalston then called police at 6:11 p.m. to confess to shooting Holly Toalston, providing the dispatcher with his identity and location of her body.

Lee Toalston also told the dispatcher he was still armed and planned to kill himself, and as police arrived, he pulled a .45-caliber handgun from his back pocket and shot himself in the head.

The shooting occurred almost seven weeks after the Toalstons’ divorce became final on Sept. 23.