Man reportedly kills ex-wife; shoots self

ALLIANCE – A Lisbon man remains hospitalized with a self-inflicted gunshot wound after reportedly killing his 28-year-old ex-wife at her Alliance home on Sunday evening.

Dead is Holly Toalston, Burt Avenue, Alliance, who was reportedly shot multiple times.

Her ex-husband, 31-year-old Lee Toalston of Sherman Street, Lisbon, was flown by helicopter to Akron City Hospital with injuries sustained from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He remains alive but his condition is unknown, according to police.

The police department received a call at 6:11 p.m. Sunday from a man later identified as Lee Toalston, who said he just shot his ex-wife, providing his name and location on Burt Avenue.

Lee Toalston also said he had a gun and was going to kill himself, and as police arrived, Lee Toalston pulled a .45-caliber handgun from his back pocket and shot himself in the head, police said.

Police found Holly Toalston at the scene and she had been shot multiple times. Police believe Lee Toalston shot his ex-wife in her driveway and then carried her to a parking lot near Alliance Community Hospital, where he shot her several more times before calling police and shooting himself.

The shooting occurred almost seven weeks after the Toalstons’ divorce became final on Sept. 23 in Columbiana County Common Pleas Court. It also occurred four days after Lee Toalston had pleaded guilty to making false statements to Alliance police in regard to whether his ex-wife had left their children unattended in a vehicle while she was inside a grocery store.

Lt. John Jenkins said the alleged incident occurred on Oct. 3, and Lee Toalston reportedly told police he was in another vehicle in the same parking lot keeping watch on his children while Holly Toalston was in the grocery store. He ended up being charged with falsification and obstructing police business, but the latter charge was dismissed as part of the plea deal.

Lee Toalston was fined $100 and ordered to serve a three-day jail sentence in the Stark County Jail, beginning Nov. 24, Jenkins said.

The child endangering charges that resulted from the grocery store incident were still pending against Holly Toalston.