New Waterford council commits to set up archive

NEW WATERFORD – Village council passed legislation creating a line item in the parks fund for donations for the village’s historical site on Tuesday.

The money – there is already one private donation for $10,000 and another $10,000 pledged – will be used to maintain a two-story apartment building the village owns on the southwest corner of state Route 46 and Main St.

In September, a private donor offered $10,000 if it is used to archive New Waterford’s history.

The apartment is occupied and Mayor Shane Patrone has said repeatedly the village doesn’t want to be in the landlord business.

With passage of Tuesday’s legislation, the village is committing to retaining the property instead of selling it.

Councilman Tom Cresanto asked about the stipulations of the donations and Patrone said the village has to put them toward historical purposes.

He said the money can be used to fix it up and purchase a new furnace and windows. Patrone has mentioned before there were indications more money will be donated and is contingent on maintaining village archives.

“That’s what the money has to be used for,” he said noting the village will probably want to begin renovating the building effective May … and that will be when the tenants will have to be out.

“We’re leaning toward May 1 to stop the rent,” Patrone said.

Councilman Gary DeMarchis asked about the rent money being used to pay the mortgage and Patrone said donated money can be used for that.

Councilman George Pirock asked what happens when no more money is donated and Cresanto said they were concerned about the donations stopping, something Patrone said could occur and would be up to future councils to deal with.

“God forbid if there is no more money,” Cresanto said, “I hope it works out well and people accept it and come to see it.”

Patrone said he had been to Hanoverton and other villages.

“We should have something,” he said, noting the building “will give us the ability to provide a site.”

Pirock asked, “Who maintains it?”

Patrone said the parks committee along with Village Administrator Fred Fink.

Last month, Cresanto tied the idea of displaying the village’s history to a festival and saw at least three walls inside the building for that.

Council voted 5-0 to set up the line item with Councilwoman Doris Ogle being an excused absence due to being hospitalized.

In other business, council voted to increase is municipal liability coverage from $1 million to $2 million at an increase of $1,557. It also added earthquake insurance for an additional $500 a year bringing the total annual premium to $19,375, up from $17,388 a year.

Fiscal Officer Dave Slagle said one million in coverage “isn’t much today” and regarding the earthquake insurance, DeMarchis said there is a gas well nearby.

“I think we should have it (coverage),” he said.

Also, the Christmas parade was scheduled for 4 p.m. Dec. 7.

The staging area is the Abundant Life Church and it will conclude at the New Waterford Methodist Church where the floats will be judged and cash awards given to the top three vote-getters.