NW eyes plan to end brown water problem

NEW WATERFORD – With customers reporting brown water in the Dogwood, Patriot Colony and Wayne Wood street area, village Administrator Fred Fink presented council with an action plan to remedy the situation at Tuesday’s meeting.

Fink said that while the water plant is “doing very well” there are “still a few brown water complaints.”

He presented a five-point Ohio Rural Water Association plan that included an auto flush with dechlorination in known trouble spots.

Fink said that will be implemented once a week and added, “We’re going to try the auto flush first and let you know how that works out.”

The second part of the plan calls for targeting bad valves in the most critical areas. There are seven in each area.

Replacing bad hydrants in the critical areas is a third remedy while a fourth is to flush hydrants on the back side of the two-inch lines.

The fifth recommended fix is to configure new pipe in the Wayne Wood and Patriot areas.

Mayor Shane Patrone said they were going to obtain quotes regarding auto flushing while looking at all the eight-inch pipe on Main St., the six-inch pipe on state Route 46 and the four-inch lines in the different sections of the village.

He said it would cost $7 million to replace all that infrastructure and obtaining a grant was one option.

Patrone said, “We will look at the cost of replacing all four-inch water lines that will get us up to six inches and help the flow.

“We may get into a large project depending on how many miles we have”

Patrone added that plans call for replacing 11 hydrants next year along with the auto flushing.

He explained that was one reason why they increased the utility fees earlier in the year.

In his administrative report, Fink also said the drying (sludge) beds are being cleaned out and are “under control” and the clarifier repair project has been submitted.

Also the entrance doors to both plants were painted and identifying signs installed and the complete inside of the water plant is painted with the water pipes color-coded.

The street department removed eight dead trees from the road, three on West Main St. and three on Creek Road, and two on Crestview Road.

Three trees were removed from Creek Road in the park.

Also, the hydrants on Colony, Patriot and the trailer park were flushed.

Fink said the newly-purchased excavator and trailer are in possession of the village and the excavator was used in cleaning the drying beds at the plant; two catch basins were installed on E. Main St. at the park entrance; both pickups had the undercarriages oiled in preparation for winter; and the dump truck will be oiled also, but the bed needs to be repaired first.