Rogers needs to find a mayor

ROGERS – Before Village Council does anything in regard to enacting an income tax, they might want to find someone to serve as mayor.

Incumbent Mayor Sharon Hebron did not seek re-election in the Nov. 5 election, and no one ran for the position, leaving the village without a mayor come Jan. 1.

Of the four council seats also up in the Nov. 5 election, only one incumbent – Michael Hunt – chose to run. Incumbents Mark Gordon and Jerry Hoon declined to seek re-election, and the other council seat up in the election was vacant, although Thomas Chambers was appointed to fill the vacancy in October. Chambers indicated he will seek appointment to the full term.

As it stands now, Rogers will have no mayor come 2014 and two council vacancies on the six-member board. The only council members besides Hunt and Chambers will be hold-over councilwomen Marilyn Locke and Jayne Balmenti, whose terms expire at the end of 2015.

Hunt said they will likely approach some community members about filling the council vacancies, and maybe someone will be willing to step forward to become mayor. “We’re hoping we can pick up a couple more people,” he said.