Voter turnout likely sub 40 percent

LISBON – Less than 40 percent of county voters are expected to participate in Tuesday’s general election.

Elections in odd-number years often fail to generate the same the interest associated in even-numbered years, when the citizenry get to choose the next president, governor or congressman.

The county’s elections board director, Adam Booth, noted that turnout in the 2009 general election was 42 percent, but there were several statewide issues on the ballot that generated interest. In the 2011 general election, turnout was 49 percent, but he said the repeal of controversial Senate Bill 5 was on the ballot.

Booth is predicting the turnout this year will be in the mid to high 30 percent range due to the lack of local mayoral races and any controversial state or countywide issues.

“There are no state issues this time, and there are only a few hotly contested races, so I don’t expect to see 40 percent,” he said.

There are currently 65,046 registered voters in the county.

Early voting is usually a good barometer of election interest, and Booth said about 1,200 people had taken advantage as of early last week. The county record was set in the 2012 presidential election year, when 10,076 early votes were cast in the general election.

Everyone will have something to vote on, whether it be for city, village and township office or school board. And depending on where voters live, they will also decide the outcome of 25 ballot issues, including 18 levies and bond issues.

All 89 precincts will be open, starting at 6:30 a.m. Polls close 13 hours later at 7:30 p.m.

Meanwhile, the elections board is scheduled to meet at 5 p.m. today to address any last-minute issues that might come up and review the early votes cast by the Nov. 1 deadline for possible envelope identification errors.