Washingtonville council approves parts for snow plow

WASHINGTONVILLE – On the condition that the labor is included, council passed a resolution to rebuild the hydraulic pump for the snow plow on Monday.

Road Supervisor Ed Garrett presented council with quotes ranging from upgrades with new seals for around $700 to replacing the pump for $1,600.

Garrett said, “I can change it on the truck but I can’t rebuild it.”

Two hoses have been replaced and Fiscal Officer Dale Davis asked about the age of the plow and it was placed at around 20 years.

A new plow would cost about $5,000, Garrett said, adding the cutter blade was replaced last year.

Davis said the village has always dealt with Myers Equipment in Canfield and Councilwoman Becky Vignon said, “If we’ve been working with Myers then we should stick with Myers.”

Councilman Jim Smith said, “We need to find out if the labor is included.”

Council President said, “That way we’ll know for sure.”

Smith said, “I can’t see putting $1,600 in a new pump if you can have a rebuilt one for $700.”

Garrett also presented a $50 invoice for a grate that he said was an “odd size” and had custom made at his full-time employer.

In other business, council approved a new digital camera for the police department so each cruiser will have one.

The price is not to exceed $100 and Davis wondered about SD memory cards the cameras use.

“You just don’t have the cost of the camera,” Davis said, explaining that “if a case is transferred to the county they want the card … I just wanted to make you aware there are some additional things.”

Custer said, “I think it’s important” and council passed the resolution with a 4-1 vote with Councilwoman Theresa Allison voting “no.”

Also, Smith said a grant for the park had been approved and expected the paperwork to be forwarded to the village soon.

In other business, Washington Street resident Ken Woods asked about the possibility of purchasing a portion of an alley and doing away with it.

A 17-year resident of the village, Woods said he has cut the grass and there has “never been one ounce of gravel (put) on it … (and) it hasn’t been maintained.”

Davis noted that one portion of the alley was vacated and deeded over to property owners and explained the issue could come down to what the current use is.

“Council would have to close that portion, abandon it and it becomes split between the property owners … and council would have to determine there was no use for it,” Davis said, adding there would be public hearings as part of the procedure.

He suggested waiting until the first of the year when the new council will be seated.

Woods said, “I was looking to cut down on the traffic a little bit down there” adding the width to “navigate through there has been limited and people go across my property.”

Davis said there was nothing that could be done immediately and referred the issue to Solicitor Michele McBride Simonelli and Mayor Will Jones who were both absent from the meeting.

Custer agreed saying, “We’ll see what can be figured out.”

At the beginning of the meeting, council wanted to make sure that it thanked G’s Pizza and Fred Rasul for donating food, refreshments and candy to the village trick or treat party on Halloween.

Custer said, “They did really good for the kids.”

Rasul donated candy and G’s donated four large pizzas.