Health board members get training info

SALEM – Salem Health Board members recently learned how they can comply with their new requirement in 2014 for completing two hours of continuing education.

Health Commissioner Richard Setty advised that by joining the Ohio Association of Boards of Health for $145, they can receive a reduction on the cost of training session materials for the training offered by the OABH.

Offered through a DVD presentation and written materials, the board members were told they can get the training during their annual retreat when it’s scheduled.

The requirement for the training came out of recommendations made by the Public Health Futures Committee, which looked at shared services, consolidations and ways to increase efficiency in local health departments statewide. Some of the recommendations were amended and made part of the last budget passed by the state legislature.

The original language required board members to complete eight hours of continuing education credits, but that was decreased to two hours. Any board members with professional licensing which requires them to take continuing education courses can get credit for those courses to fulfill the state requirement for health board members.

According to Ohio Revised Code, the minimum standards say the continuing education credits shall pertain to ethics, public health principles, and a member’s responsibilities.

“Credits may be earned in these topics at pertinent presentations that may occur during regularly scheduled board meetings throughout the calendar year or at other programs available for continuing education credit. The director of health may assist local boards of health of general and city health districts in coordinating approved continuing education programs sponsored by health care licensing boards, commissions, or associations. The minimum standards also shall provide that continuing education credits earned for the purpose of license renewal or certification by licensed health professionals serving on boards of health may be counted to fulfill the two-hour continuing education requirement,” the Ohio Revised Code said.

The board’s next meeting is 10 a.m. Dec. 18. Prior to the meeting, there will be a public hearing on the new food service licensing fees, which are increasing slightly for next year.