Nearly 100 gas, oil wells in works

SALEM – According to the most recent Marcellus and Utica/Point Pleasant shale activity weekly report posted by the Division of Oil and Gas Resources Management of the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, there are 97 wells in various stages of development in Columbiana County.

In Mahoning County there are 29 wells and in Trumbull County there are 15.

Of the 10 producing wells in Columbiana County, four are in West Township, there are two each in Hanover and Franklin townships, and one each in Salem and Knox townships.

There is one producing well in Mahoning County in Poland Township and two in Trumbull County, one each in Hartford and Johnston townships.

In Columbiana County there are 44 drilled or drilling wells and the rest are at the permit stage.

Franklin and Hanover townships each have nine wells listed as being drilled while Franklin Township shows one well in the “drilling” stage.

Elkrun Township has six wells drilled while Center and Salem townships each have five drilled. Salem Township also has three more wells permitted.

Washington and Fairfield townships each have three wells drilled and Madison Township has two, while Middleton and Unity townships each have one well drilled, according to the ODNR.

Most of the drilling rights for wells in Columbiana County are owned by Chesapeake Exploration, which also has the biggest presence in Carroll County which leads the state in Utica well drilling activity.

Atlas Noble, Hilcorp Energy and Swepi LP are also drilling in Columbiana County.

Of the 29 wells in Mahoning County, 12 are in Poland Township, seven are in Goshen Township, five in Jackson Township, two in Green Township and there are one each in Beaver, Ellsworth and Milton townships.

Poland Township has one well producing, one drilled and one drilling, the report said, while the seven wells in Goshen Township are all at the permit stage.

Jackson Township has three wells drilled and the Milton and Ellsworth townships wells are drilled.

Chesapeake Energy holds most of the leases in Mahoning County followed by Hilcorp Energy, Halcon Operating Co. and CNX Gas Co.

Of the 15 wells in Trumbull County, along with the two producing wells , six are drilled and one is being drilled.

Lordstown Township has five wells, all in the permit stage, Hartford, Mecca and Vienna townships all have two wells while Johnston, Vernon and Warren townships all have one well each.

In Trumbull County, Halcon Operating has eight wells, BP America Production Co. had four, Brammer Engineering has two and CNX Gas Co. has one.